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Maastricht University 

Ethics Committee Psychology 

Informed Consent Form 


Project: Heritable Traits in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Principle Investigators: Chelsea Donaldson and Dr. Johannes Stauder


Thank you for accepting our invitation to participate in this study. This study is being conducted at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and has been approved by the Ethics Committee Psychology. 


Purpose: By participating in this study, you will benefit ASD research through increasing understanding about the heritability of sensory processing and other psychological traits in ASD, which is currently unclear.


Requirements: Biological parent of at least one child 4+ years old. Fluent in English. If the other biological parent of your child has already taken this questionnaire, you cannot participate. In addition, you can only take this questionnaire one time.


Procedure: This online study will take around 10-15 min, but you have the option to also take Part 2 (also 10 min). If your child has autism, the whole survey may be extended by 5 min (due to extra questions). You may leave the survey at any time, and your spot will be saved. To continue, click the survey link again. Make sure to use the same computer and same browser as the first time, and do not clear your cookies between sessions (this program saves your answers through cookies). 


Confidentiality: In reports of this study, there will be no information used that would make it possible to identify you.


Voluntary Nature of the Study: This is a voluntary study. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.


Contacts and Questions: If you have concerns or complaints about the research, please contact the researcher, Chelsea Donaldson, at or +1 386-490-8161.


If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, concerns, or complaints about the research, you may contact the Maastricht University Ethics Committee Psychology at

This study (ECP# 147 10_12_2014) was approved by the Ethics Committee Psychology of Maastricht University on January 22, 2015.


I have read the information about this study. By choosing "I AGREE," I am agreeing to participate.


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